Newbie’s Guide to Newsletters: Live Coaching with Ngoc Le

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Join us for a special Live session of the Authentic Influence podcast, where we dive into the world of newsletters. Entrepreneur Ngoc Le seeks guidance on starting her newsletter journey, exploring platforms beyond LinkedIn. Tune in as we provide actionable insights and strategies to kickstart your newsletter adventure.

087: How to Generate B2B Leads on Linkedin


On this episode of Authentic Influence, our host Anfernee Chansamooth delves into the topic of generating B2B leads on LinkedIn. The episode is filled with valuable insights and practical strategies to help marketers maximize their lead-generation efforts on the platform. The episode covers the “Five C’s” for generating B2B leads on LinkedIn: In a nutshell, […]

087: How to write blog posts 5 to 10 times faster using Article Forge AI

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Imagine being able to write 5X the amount of content in the same amount of time. That’s what you can achieve with the help of this new Article Forge AI tool. Not only will you save time, but your content will also be better quality since you’ll have more time to focus on it. Say […]

How to create some fast-cash wins with your business with Jennie Wright & Alyson Lex

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Do you want to learn how to create some fast-cash wins with your business? In this episode with Jennie Wright and Alyson Lex of System to Thrive, we discuss: [00:00] Introducing Jennie Wright & Alyson Lex [04:07] Jennie & Alyson’s key philosophy & approach to marketing & sales [08:01] What’s holding business owners back from […]

082 – 3 Ways to Get More Leads as a Property Buyers Agent (Live Coaching Call)

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[one_half_last] You’re a property buyers agent, and you want more leads. But where do you start?        It can be tough to know where to focus your marketing efforts when there are so many options available. And it’s easy to waste time on activities that don’t actually produce results.        In this podcast, […]

081: Failure is the key to success

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Sometimes we can feel like our business is failing. We may be working hard, but things just don’t seem to be going our way.   In this episode, I share my personal experience with failure and some thoughts on what to do if you’re experiencing similar feelings.       Resources:   Dr. John Demartini’s […]

080: Crafting a compelling landing page for your offer [B2B Podcast Party]

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Want to learn how to craft a compelling landing page for your offer, or optimize an existing landing page?   In this episode, we’ll show you how. This episode was recorded live as part of our monthly B2B Podcast Party.   Topics discussed:   [00:00] B2B Podcast Party welcome [05:54] 5 Essential Elements of a […]

078: How to segment your email audience for more engagement and sales with ConvertKit

How to segment your email audience for more engagement and sales

Want to get better engagement and sales from your email list?   In this episode, Anfernee Chansamooth shares the benefits of email segmentation and how you can use ConvertKit to segment your audience. Get started for free with ConvertKit   Topics discussed:   [00:00] Welcome [02:22] 5 benefits of segmenting your email database [07:59] […]

077: Creating High-Converting Lead Magnets for B2B (Podcast Party)

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Want tips to create a high-converting lead magnet to attract B2B customers?   Tune in to this episode as we share why most lead magnets fail and how you can create one that doesn’t.   This community-powered episode was recorded live and features speed networking & Q&A session with live business owners who joined our […]