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How to create some fast-cash wins with your business with Jennie Wright & Alyson Lex

Do you want to learn how to create some fast-cash wins with your business?

In this episode with Jennie Wright and Alyson Lex of System to Thrive, we discuss:

00:00 Introducing Jennie Wright & Alyson Lex

04:07 Jennie & Alyson’s key philosophy & approach to marketing & sales

08:01 What’s holding business owners back from generating real results in their business?

22:00 ​Do you need a super huge, complicated funnel in order to be successful?

28:00 ​The difference between a launch and a sales funnel

34:00 Why some business owners struggle to generate leads from their email list

37:00 How to nurture your list the RIGHT way to lead them to a sale

43:00 Lessons from publishing over 150 podcast episodes

44:40 What Jennie & Alyson do for mental health

About Jennie Wright and Alyson Lex:

Jennie & Alyson are two industry experts and best friends who have joined forces to be the change they want to see in the marketing world.

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