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Authentic Influence

Build your authentic brand and business online through No B.S. marketing. For the founders of B2B, professional services, and software companies.

This is the show where we get real and talk about what’s working to grow your influence, impact, and personal wealth. All whilst doing it ethically and in alignment with who you are as a human being.

This show will feature a mix of solo episodes, client case studies, and guest interviews with actual practitioners who are honest, courageous, and generous with sharing what they’ve experienced.

Recent Episodes

newbie s guide to newsletters live coaching with ngoc le thumbnail

088: Newbie’s Guide to Newsletters: Live Coaching with Ngoc Le

Join us for a special Live session of the Authentic Influence podcast, where we dive into the world of newsletters. …

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087: How to Generate B2B Leads on Linkedin

On this episode of Authentic Influence, our host Anfernee Chansamooth delves into the topic of generating B2B leads on LinkedIn. …

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article forge demo banner image

087: How to write blog posts 5 to 10 times faster using Article Forge AI

Imagine being able to write 5X the amount of content in the same amount of time. That’s what you can …

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how to create some fast cash wins with your business with jennie wright and alyson lex thumbnail

How to create some fast-cash wins with your business with Jennie Wright & Alyson Lex

Do you want to learn how to create some fast-cash wins with your business? In this episode with Jennie Wright …

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June Authentic Influence featured image 2

082 – 3 Ways to Get More Leads as a Property Buyers Agent (Live Coaching Call)

[one_half_last] You’re a property buyers agent, and you want more leads. But where do you start?        It can …

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June Authentic Influence featured image 1

081: Failure is the key to success

Sometimes we can feel like our business is failing. We may be working hard, but things just don’t seem to …

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088: Newbie’s Guide to Newsletters: Live Coaching with Ngoc Le

087: How to Generate B2B Leads on Linkedin

087: How to write blog posts 5 to 10 times faster using Article Forge AI

How to create some fast-cash wins with your business with Jennie Wright & Alyson Lex

082 – 3 Ways to Get More Leads as a Property Buyers Agent (Live Coaching Call)

081: Failure is the key to success

080: Crafting a compelling landing page for your offer [B2B Podcast Party]

079: Increase sales with the 80/20 of online course funnels ft. John Ainsworth of Data Driven Marketing

078: How to segment your email audience for more engagement and sales with ConvertKit

077: Creating High-Converting Lead Magnets for B2B (Podcast Party)

076: How to build and sell online courses ft. Tom Libelt of The Smart Brand Marketing Show

075: How to sell a premium mastermind group (Live coaching with Ericka Bates of Talk Virtual)

074: How to create content that brings traffic with Surfer SEO content editor (even if you’re not an SEO expert)

073: Authentic Influence Live: Mic Takeover with Samantha Riley from Influence By Design podcast

072: 5 Ways to Save Time Producing Content (Live B2B Podcast Party)

071: How to grow a SaaS startup from 0 to profitable on a shoestring budget ft. Vedran Rasic of LeadDelta

070: Marketing without Money ft. Therese Tarlinton, Author of SWAP! Marketing without Money

069: How to use case studies to prove your brand’s value (#B2BpowerHour guest interview with Nicholas Thickett)

068: How to grow your business using referrals ft. Raul Galera of ReferralCandy

067: Surfer SEO Audit: Get More Traffic By Optimizing Your Existing Articles

066: Breaking down a million-dollar funnel for coaches and consultants ft. Taki Moore of Million Dollar Coach

065: How to share value with ebooks and mini-courses ft. Matthew Mason of Superb Learning

064: How to build a B2B sales pipeline using LinkedIn ft. Nicholas Thickett

063: How to send cold emails to land partnerships and collaborations ft. Laura Lopuch

062: How to build trust and credibility when selling online products ft. Adrian Neumeyer of

061: How to grow your podcast audience & launch a book ft. Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation

060: Why word of mouth and referrals will never go out of style ft. Greg Gunther of Your Business Momentum

059: How to build a successful remote company ft. Liam Martin of Running Remote

058: Money, mindset, and marketing with Stevie V Brown of The Change Starter

057: Your value is not your time – how to charge more as a consultant ft. Deborah Zahn of Craft of Consulting

056: How to Make your Sales More Predictable with a CRM ft. Jeroen Corthout of Salesflare

055: How to do keyword research using Ahrefs ft. Gert Mellak of SEO Leverage

054: Why Customer-centric marketing is no longer an option ft. Natalie Gullatt of Hubspot

053: Get Different: 3 Steps to Standing out in a Crowded Market ft. Justin Wise of The Different Company

052: How to win high-value clients using Linkedin ft. Adam Franklin of Bluewire Media

051: Leveraging scorecard marketing for generating leads and sales ft. Glen Carlson of Dent

050: How to Free the Owner from their Business ft. David Jenyns of SYSTEMology

How to do audience research & cold outreach ft. Amanda Natividad from Sparktoro

048: Creating content clusters to grow your traffic ft. Daniel Danes-Hutt of

047: How to create articles that rank on Google using Surfer SEO + Jasper

046: Using Jasper AI to write a long-form blog post in less than 30 mins.

045: How to to write social media posts faster using Jasper AI

044: Jasper Demo and Review – How to Create Better Content in Less Time using AI

037: Lessons from building and marketing a purpose driven business with Sandra D’Souza

036: How to Systemize Your Business for Freedom and Profit With David Jenyns

035: Let It Go – What, When & How to Outsource (Delegate) for Business Growth with Cheryl Leong

032: How to Launch a Successful Online Product With Steph Smith

033: 5 great ways to share client case studies to promote your business

031: 10 Ways To Make Your Site User-friendly and Keep People Around Longer with Colleen Keith

030: Case study format: A framework for writing compelling customer success stories (business case studies)

029: Why use case study marketing to promote your services?

Repurposing video content: How to turn 1 video into 18 pieces of content for social media

026: Why is Content Marketing Important? 5 Reasons

Behind the scenes: What’s happening at SCM

How good is AI for writing copy to describe your business?

Youtube Content Blueprint with Rob Balasabas

Struggling with consistency? You need a system.

024: How to grow your podcast downloads using the FISH strategy with Charley Valher

How to Outsource Life Admin and Better Manage Your Mental Load with Caroline Brunne

How To Create Content That Ranks Page 1 In Google with Gert Mellak

Email list clean: How to create a cold subscriber re-engagement sequence in Convertkit

3 Mistakes Struggling Coaches & Course Creators Make Getting Clients with Samantha Riley | Authentic Influence Live

006: Ideal clients – How to attract the right clients for your business

AI05 Small business marketing: 5 Key challenges to making marketing work whilst maintaining profitability