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067: Surfer SEO Audit: Get More Traffic By Optimizing Your Existing Articles

Do you want to learn how to get more traffic by optimizing your existing articles? Surfer SEO Audit is the best tool to help you do that.

Watch this episode where we’ll:
– Walk through a live example of how to optimize an existing article (or two)
– Share tips that you can use for your own content
– Demo the Surfer SEO audit tool

In this intro to Surfer SEO Audit, we cover:

00:00 Welcome & Intro

04:11 What is On-page SEO?

07:02 On-page optimization checklist

15:28 Intro to Surfer SEO & features

18:00 Surfer SEO audit tool demo

18:55 Surfer SEO audit example #1: SCM

32:59 Surfer SEO audit example #2: Automation Agency

33:34 BONUS tip – how to identify the keywords on a client/competitor page

Give Surfer SEO a trial for 7 days

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