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058: Money, mindset, and marketing with Stevie V Brown of The Change Starter

What’s the relationship between money, mindset, and marketing?

Watch this interview with Stevie V Brown of The Change Starter, where we’ll discuss:
– Ditching hourly rates / shifting to value
– Differences in genders in money mindset
– Packaging value – making sure clients know what they’re getting beyond the obvious
– Backing yourself and realising just how much value and impact you bring to your clients
– Pushing your own comfort zones to challenge yourself to deliver impact and results instead of ‘tasks’

Topics discussed:

00:00 Intro to Stevie V Brown
03:25 Marketing starts with mindset
06:41 The first time Stevie noticed confidence was the issue
12:57 How to establish credibility when selling services
24:00 How to create effective buyer personas/customer avatars
27:00 Buying cycles & how marketing actually works
30:00 Why you should hire a professional to do your marketing strategy
35:13 The impossible cycle of random marketing
39:00 The secret to successful fb ads campaigns
44:20 The key to creating content that works
45:00 The C.A.R.E formula for effective marketing
47:00 How to prepare a great brief for a writer
52:00 Why case studies are important for small business
58:30 Recommended resource for improving with marketing
60:00 One thing that Stevie does for mental health

About Stevie V Brown:

Stevie V Brown is a professional Marketer and Coach and Director of The Change Starter.

Originally from the UK, Stevie holds a Masters of Digital Marketing and has studied Advertising, Business, Communications, Sociology and Law. She holds a globally recognised Cert IV in Coaching and is an NLP Coach Practitioner.

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