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authentic influence with Sandra D'Souza

037: Lessons from building and marketing a purpose driven business with Sandra D’Souza

Want some ideas to help you build and market your purpose-driven business?

In this episode we chat with Sandra D’Souza, Founder and CEO of Elect about:

02:02 How Sandra identified her purpose
04:50 What’s the difference between a “social enterprise” and “purpose-driven business”?
08:46 How Sandra decided on the business model for her purpose-driven business
18:03 Lessons from failure
20:58 How Sandra spread the word about her purpose-driven business and the surprising impact of COVID-19
25:57 How Sandra leveraged LinkedIn to grow Ellect

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About Sandra D’Souza

Sandra has been advocating for women’s rights ever since she was a teenager. She is the recipient of the Edna Ryan Award for Mentoring (for the advancement of women) in 2008 and was shortlisted for NSW Women Awards in 2018.

In 2002 she became part of the executive team with BPW (an NGO called Business and Professional Women) starting out in Vice-President roles in BPW Sydney to State President for BPW NSW in 2006 to 2009 to Executive Director on BPW International between 2012 to 2014. During that time, Sandra was one of Australian Leaders in Commonwealth Business Council.

Unfortunately, Sandra was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in early 2015 but that didn’t stop her to continue to manage as CEO for Curate Bee Digital which was acquired in 2018 and published a Best Seller, “Social Media for Baby Boomers – How to Translate Your Decades of Knowledge and Experience Into Social Influence”

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On International Women’s Day 2018, Sandra launched Ellect to address the gender gap in business with its global procurement marketplace and certification program. As a strong advocate for gender balance in business and aware of the barriers women and men encounter in establishing a gender balance, this unique digital marketplace and certification program offers businesses to shown as working towards gender balance. Ellect is aligned with United Nations Global Goal no. 5 – Gender Equality to be a purpose-driven business where part of the proceeds funds known gender equality projects.

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