064: How to build a B2B sales pipeline using LinkedIn ft. Nicholas Thickett

Do you want to learn how to build a B2B sales pipeline using LinkedIn?

Join our next live interview with Nicholas Thickett of KO Advantage Group, where we’ll discuss:
– Why LinkedIn is Nicholas’ primary sales platform for 2022.
– What account strategies are winning in our digital world?
– How can customer / market knowledge make or break your strategy?

Topics discussed:
00:00 Meet Nicholas Thickett

06:32 Why is LinkedIn your primary platform for 2022?

How to set up your profile for sales

20:00 How to decide and better understand who you’re actually selling to

24:32 How to use Linkedin to build your sales pipeline in 2 parts

24:50 Account lists vs Lead lists in Sales Navigator

30:25 Building a sales pipeline in Linkedin Pt1 – morning routine

32:35 What to say when sending a Linkedin connect request

33:19 Building a sales pipeline in Linkedin Pt2 – end of day routine

38:40 What type of content is working best on Linkedin right now?

43:00 What metrics should sales managers be tracking?

47:00 Someone’s accepted your connect request, what’s next?

52:40 How can customer / market knowledge make or break your strategy?

55:50 Nicholas’ recommend resource for improving sales

57:00 One thing that Nicholas does for mental health

About Nicholas Thickett:

At 17, Nicholas Thickett’s dreams of a law degree were accidentally transformed into a career in professional sales. He advanced quickly in professional services, financial services and corporate finance until his ‘hustle’ earned him a 30 day all inclusive hospital visit that flipped his world upside down.

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He realized the way he was taught to sell didn’t align with how people wanted to buy which forced excessively long hours and wasted effort. He began studying social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics to evolve how we sell. Now, Nick’s the Marketing Manager at KO Advantage and the host of the B2B Power Hour podcast. He says the future of sales is here, for those that are ready!

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