053: Get Different: 3 Steps to Standing out in a Crowded Market ft. Justin Wise of The Different Company

Do you want to learn how to create marketing that works and stands out in a crowded market?

Watch this interview with Justin Wise, Digital of The Different Company, where he’ll share a simple, doable system based on three critical questions every entrepreneur and business owner must ask about their marketing.

Topics discussed:

00:00 Intro to Justin Wise
02:00 How Justin got into marketing
03:59 How Justin met Mike
07:42 Why do small business owners struggle with marketing?
08:44 Why tried and true best practices is the fastest path to being ignored
14:27 Why word of mouth is not a reliable lead source
19:39 Case studies of people who have gotten wins from following the Get Different system
21:59 The DAD framework and the 3 components of any effective marketing campaign
25:53 An example of how Justin’s agency did something different to stand out from their competitors
30:06 How coaches and consultants can offer something more compelling than free discovery calls
36:27 Why case studies are powerful for marketing, and why you need to keep producing them
38:00 Why case studies don’t need to be about ridiculous results
41:40 Justin’s system for collecting case studies
44:30 One resource Justin recommends for all marketers
45:53 One thing that Justin does for mental health

About Justin Wise:

Justin Wise, Co-Found at The Different Company with Mike Michalowicz, helps driven online entrepreneurs attract attention, secure right-fit clients, and grow profits through constant experimentation.

He lives in Des Moines, Iowa (by choice) with his wife, Kerry, and three children.

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