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046: Using Jasper AI to write a long-form blog post in less than 30 mins.

Learn how to use Jasper AI to write a long-form blog post in less than 30 mins

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Ever feel frustrated with the time it takes to write a blog post? Or have trouble coming up with a topic that’s interesting and engaging?

Well, you can get all of your blogging needs addressed in one fell swoop by using AI. I’ve been using this new tool for the past few months and it has seriously changed my life.

00:00 Intro and welcome
09:18 What is Jasper AI
10:15 What AI copywriting software WON’T do
18:33 Steps to creating a long-form article using Jasper AI
43:33 What are the chances of plagiarism by the AI?
1:03:00 How to turn on “Boss Mode” to take control of the AI and write 2x faster

What is Jasper AI copywriting software?

Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or new to content marketing, the need for producing quality articles to promote your business is essential if you want your digital marketing efforts to be successful.

Doing it manually takes a lot of time and effort, resulting in sub-par content that fails to meet sales and SEO goals. This is where Jasper AI comes into play. It’s an artificial intelligence copywriting software that will help boost your online traffic, leads & sales by creating high-quality article drafts for you in less than 30 minutes!

What AI copywriting software WON’T do

Will AI software replace the need for human writers and editors? Um…no.

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Just like other AI software & tools won’t replace designers, programmers, and other online marketers.

Jasper is an assistant that will help you create more high-quality content within 30 minutes and free up time for other important tasks, so you can focus on what really matters to your business: growth!

Jasper is not pretending to be a human copywriter – it’s not capable of writing deep research articles or creating the next Great Gatsby using advanced storytelling techniques. Instead, it’s designed to write good quality unique article drafts with optimized headlines that follow SEO best practices for faster indexation and better visibility in search engines like Google.

Steps to Creating a long-form article using Jasper AI software

Jasper, write down the steps for creating an article outline

  1. Write down your topic
  2. Find a good headline for the article
  3. Add keywords to create more SEO-friendly content
  4. Use Jarvis to write an outline of your article and fill in any gaps you have with words or phrases from the input text. You can use the various templates that are included with Jarvis to turn each sub-topic in your outline into full paragraphs.
  5. Edit the draft as needed, then publish it on social media or on your blog!

What are the chances of plagiarism by the AI?

The Jasper AI platform is absolutely 100% unique. To ensure that your content doesn’t get lost in the spam filter, it uses 6 different techniques to proofread and ensure you have no duplicate text with other articles on the web.

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As stated in my training video above, it’s a good idea to run all article content created by Jasper through a plagiarism checker like

Ready to give Jasper AI a test run?

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