044: Jasper Demo and Review – How to Create Better Content in Less Time using AI

Want to Create Better Content in Less Time?

Join me for a demo of a new AI Copywriting Software that I’ve been testing. It’s literally halved the time that I usually take to write articles.

08:38 Who is this copywriting software ideal for?
09:13 What can you use it for?
09:59 Walk-through review of a cool new AI-driven copywriting software
15:10 How to write better content in less time (using the Basic plan) – Live Demo
38:50 Write content with the long-form assistant (pro plan only) – Live Demo
49:28 What can’t the tool do (yet)?
53:38 How to access the free trial and bonus 10K credits.
54:56 Ultimate Pro Plan benefits

Get a free 5-day trial of Conversion.ai or join the Ultimate Pro plan waitlist (with bonus 10k credits) http://www.simplecreativemarketing.com/aipro

Will you try it?

Let me know what you think!


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