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how to outsource with Cheryl Leong

035: Let It Go – What, When & How to Outsource (Delegate) for Business Growth with Cheryl Leong

Wondering how to outsource effectively, or considering when does it make sense to outsource and what tasks can you actually delegate? Find out in this session with outsourcing specialist Cheryl Leong.

In this episode:

02:52 Why “outsourcing” is the buzz word for business these days.
07:05 Top 3 concerns about outsourcing and how Growth Hub addresses them
21:47 How do we determine what to outsource or delegate?
31:55 What Growth Hub does differently to other VA agencies to help small businesses grow
36:00 The challenge of trying to find a VA for yourself, and why using an agency is a better option
38:00 What tasks can you outsource to a VA?


About Cheryl Leong

Having a young family, businesses and property projects, life can get full and as an entrepreneur, Cheryl has always sought ways to get more done in less time, for herself and others. She discovered the life-changing impact a virtual assistant gave to her and her business when she embarked on her first online business 8 years ago.

Since then, she has created an outsourcing agency, The Growth Hub, that helps business owners find their ideal virtual assistant (or team of virtual assistants) to help them scale, grow and enjoy the freedom that they choose. Her vision is to aid people and businesses in exponential growth so that they in turn able to make a positive difference in the world.

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