060: Why word of mouth and referrals will never go out of style ft. Greg Gunther of Your Business Momentum

Do you want to learn why word of mouth and referrals will never go out of style?

Watch this interview with Greg Gunther of Your Business Momentum, where we’ll discuss:
– Why the tagline for Your Business Momentum says Results, Not Recommendations
– How to ask for a referral and how to do it correctly and without making the client feel uncomfortable
– What are the trigger moments you can create for your clients that they’ll tell their friends about?

Topics discussed:

00:00 Introducing Greg Gunther

05:00 The story behind “Results, Not Recommendations”

07:00 Why business owners find it challenging focusing on the right actions that produce results

09:45 Identifying what’s important for business owners

10:50 How do you ask for a referral without making the client feel uncomfortable

12:50 Why a lot of people don’t refer

14:23 Tips for systemizing referral requests – nurture program

16:36 Knowing when in the relationship to ask for referrals

19:30 Why NPS is a good customer success tool

21:00 Why and how Your Business Momentum uses case studies for marketing

27:00 Why word of mouth is more important now in today’s environment

29:00 Ways to thank referrers

33:00 One trend that Greg is paying attention to right now

38:00 Resources Greg recommends for leadership and business

41:55 Things that Greg does for mental health

About Greg Gunther:

Greg is a business coach and his experience as a business owner puts him in the position to be able to help small and medium business owners gain back time, freedom, and achieve real results. Greg works with business owners to help make them redundant and build businesses that investors are willing to pay top dollar for.

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Adding to the knowledge gained from working with businesses over the last three decades, Greg’s role has now grown to become a certified SYSTEMologist.

Greg believes that the true and lasting value of any business can be found in the maturity and efficiency of their business systems, their ability to replicate best practices and consistently produce desired results.

Got a question for Greg? Drop it below
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