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051: Leveraging scorecard marketing for generating leads and sales ft. Glen Carlson of Dent

Do you want to learn how to leverage scorecard marketing for generating leads and sales?

Watch this interview with Glen Carlson of Dent Global, where we answer:

– What is scorecard marketing?
– How to best leverage scorecards for marketing your business?
– How to approach developing funnels?

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Topics discussed:

00:00 Introducing Glen Carlson

01:35 Why Glen and Daniel Priestley started Key Person of Influence

02:00 Why focus on building influence?

06:29 Launching Dent during the GFC

07:53 What makes a business recession-proof?

11:27 You’re standing on a mountain of value that you don’t recognize

15:56 What is a scorecard?

25:36 How many questions should your scorecard have?

27:59 Success stories of Scoreapp clients using scorecards

31:40 The psychology behind scorecards and why they work better as a lead magnet

36:18 The power of case studies and why Dent invests in them

40:20 The secret to building your profile is through your client successes

43:14 Why Glen suggests focusing on marketing ecosystems, not specific tactics

45:20 Glen’s tip for producing effective case studies that help sell

47:28 Glen’s recommended resource for improving your marketing

50:00 One thing that Glen does for mental health

About Glen Carlson:

Glen Carlson is an award-winning entrepreneur and co-founder of Dent.

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Dent is a multi-award-winning business and leadership development company with structured training programs facilitated by successful business speakers and mentors.

Glen and his team are best known for helping business owners develop an unfair advantage in their industry by effectively creating what he calls a ‘personal monopoly’.

Dent believe there has never been a better time to build a thriving business and a respected personal brand doing something you love.

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 3 key takeaways from the episode:

1️⃣ Scorecard marketing is a game-changer:

Glen emphasized the importance of using scorecards to benchmark progress and gather detailed information about potential clients.

Starting with as few as 10-15 questions, or more depending on your background, scorecards lead to more effective follow-up conversations and generate qualified leads.

Plus, using simpler yes/no answer scorecards can speed up completion and provide quicker results.

2️⃣ Case studies are crucial for success:

Glen shared his experience of how case studies significantly transformed their business. Businesses can build trust and credibility by showcasing client transformations and making them relatable to potential clients through websites, videos, and podcasts.

Case studies need to address the same problems, frustrations, and challenges of the target audience to be truly effective.

3️⃣ Measure, analyze, and improve:

Using a spreadsheet, Glen highlighted the importance of regularly measuring leads, appointments, presentations, and sales.

This feedback loop helps identify areas for improvement and ensures a profitable business. Remember, “what gets measured gets improved.”

Focusing on one specific problem area and consistently measuring laps will bring you closer to achieving more sales and building a better business.

Resources Mentioned in the episode:

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