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Charley Valher

024: How to grow your podcast downloads using the FISH strategy with Charley Valher

Wondering how to grow your podcast downloads each month?

Join our Authentic Influence Live session with podcast expert Charley Valher to learn a growth strategy that has been working brilliantly for him and his clients.

Charley is Chief Podcast Officer at Valher Media.


03:50 A better way for growing your podcast: The “Fish where the fish are” strategy
05:50 What fish are you trying to actually catch? (Target audience)
06:03 Where is the best place to catch your fish? (Choosing the right platform and format for that platform)
11:30 Are you using the right bait? (Are you creating content that your audience actually wants?)
13:15 How to research the content that your audience wants
22:56 Example of a terrible call to action and a good one, and where to place your call to actions


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