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Authentic Influence Live – Guest Form

Are you an entrepreneur or marketing practitioner with something valuable to share?

Think you have what it takes to be a guest on the Authentic Influence podcast?

If so, our audience wants to hear from you!

Our primary objective is to teach B2B entrepreneurs and marketers how the best in the industry are using content marketing for growth. 

Past guests have included entrepreneurs and B2B marketing experts from leading brands such as Hubspot, Sparktoro, Dent Global, Referral Candy, SYSTEMology, and more. 

As a guest, here’s how you’ll make this show valuable to our audience:

  1. Share something actionable — the more detailed and practical, the better. Don’t just tell us that your last course launch generated 5-figures in sales. Break it down for our audience.
    • What steps did you take to make that happen? What could you have done better? Show us your landing page, ad campaign, email copy, etc.
    • Successful campaigns are the result of meeting specific conditions and criteria. Fill in the gaps for our audience.
    • Got a specific methodology, mental model, or framework that you use to produce repeatable results? Tell us about it.
  2. Show how you build credibility and use social proof – how do you go about collecting and using case studies/social proof, and how effective have they been for your company?
  3. Discuss real & relevant numbers — we’re all sick of ego metrics that don’t tell the full picture. So let’s use this as a teaching moment so others can learn from your experience. If at all possible, be like Jay (below).

A few important things to note:

  • This show is recorded as Live video and automatically streamed to Facebook and Youtube. Our team will then upload the audio to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms. (Listen to the podcast and subscribe here.)
  • Your interview may also be used as primary research for a new book I am writing.
  • Potential interview flow – This is a basic outline of the interview questions. I prefer to just flow with my guests, and not be too prescriptive. So don’t be surprised if we don’t completely stick to this outline.