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How To Leverage Customer Testimonials On Your Website

Collecting customer testimonials is one thing, but what’s the point of having them if you’re not leveraging them publicly to grow your business?

3 Benefits of Sharing Your Customer Testimonials

1. Your client feels the love

As you’re sharing their success and promoting them at the same time, how could your clients not feel like you care about them (because you do, right)?

2. You feel the gratitude 

Because you’re celebrating the positive contribution that you’ve made to somebody else, and reminding yourself of your WHY (remember that?) you win.

You’re also developing an attitude of gratitude (a key practise that many successful entrepreneurs speak of).


3. Your prospects get curious 

Prospects want social proof that what you claim is true, and if they’re in a similar situation they’ll want to learn more about how you helped your last client create the results that they too want in their life or business.

So by sharing your customer testimonials this opens the door for people who want similar help to get curious and engage you.

Also, who doesn’t want to work with somebody who celebrates their client’s successes often?

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So how do you showcase your client wins anyway?

By putting them where people can see them of course!

3 Examples of Great Customer Testimonial Usage

1. Xero – Customer Success Page


Why this page rocks:

  • Great visuals of each client
  • Short quotes that highlights the customer win(s)
  • Each customer story is carefully selected based on the business type which helps the reader identify whether or not Xero has worked with their specific business type before.
  • Client case study video pops up when you click on the image so that you don’t need to leave the main page (where you could lose people)
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View the page here.

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2. Australian Writer’s Centre – Course Page


Why this page rocks:

  • Testimonials are placed right next to the call to action, which helps to sell the course
  • Related note: AWC also include a shorter 1-2 sentence version of the customer testimonial in their email newsletter when sharing info about each course. Really clever!

View website here (go to the courses section).

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3. Coach Marketing Machine – Home Page


Why this page rocks:

  • Results sell, so sharing the specific result that each client achieved because they worked with you is smart.
  • Placement – pay attention to how the home page is laid out and you’ll see that the case studies are positioned beneath the higher priority conversion call to action items that move people into different sales funnels eg. sign up for free download, training, paid event, etc.

View website here.

[bctt tweet=”Results sell, so sharing your client achievements is smart.” username=”anferneec”]


Are there any other websites or usages for customer testimonials that you’ve come across? Share the URL in the comments below so we can check it out!


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