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Lack the time and expertise to interview your clients and produce compelling customer success stories? Leave it to our team of professionals.

Trusted by leading B2B companies

Creating the perfect case study to convert prospects into buyers is tough to do

(not to mention time-consuming, right?)

There's a better way...

Let Authentic Marketing take care of your case studies.

Starting from $1,110 USD per case study.


With our specialists on the job, you can be confident that your case studies are FINISHED and that you have the assets to grow your business.

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Strategy conversation

We’ll connect with your sales team to understand your product, target audience, and strategy.

We’ll then create a customized plan for your case studies including research, questions to ask clients during the interview, and a plan for your content strategy.

We’ll work with you to find the perfect clients to interview.

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Produce case studies

Our experienced case study writers and video editors will interview your clients and produce case studies with emotive storytelling about how they use your product or service to achieve results.

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Deliver Assets

(2 - 4 weeks)

We provide you with the content you need to grow your brand and persuade more customers to do business with you.


When our customers win, we win!
Anf and his team saved me 5-10 hrs of production time per case study, and that has resulted in a collection of epic case studies that helped me profile my community members as well as attract new members into our community. I’m even using those case studies now to write my book.
Even though I could have interviewed my client myself, I thought there would be a benefit of someone coming in with an outside perspective. Not only did I receive a detailed video of the interview, but the written post was crafted in an extremely engaging way. I cannot recommend Anf and his team more highly to create powerful and compelling case studies to position you as the market leader.
Having a professional copywriting team available on demand is great because. It brings a lot of experience to the table while enabling you to stay in full control of cost. So, if you’re looking to produce high-quality case studies for your business I highly recommend you hire Anf and his team. Great quality. Great price.


All pricing is in USD


$ 1,110
  • 1 Asset included*
  • Strategy Call
  • Buy-in Email template
  • Client follow-up to lock in interview and get approval to publish
  • Interview with your client
  • Case Study Writing
  • Editing (final case study provided as a google doc)
  • Receive unedited zoom video recording


$ 2,220
  • 2 Assets included**
  • Strategy Call
  • Buy-in Email template
  • Client follow-up to lock in interview and get approval to publish
  • Interview with your client
  • Case Study Writing
  • Editing (final case study provided as a google doc)
  • Receive unedited zoom video recording


$ 4,075
  • 4 Assets included**
  • Strategy Call
  • Buy-in Email template
  • Client follow-up to lock in interview and get approval to publish
  • Interview with your client
  • Case Study Writing
  • Editing (final case study provided as a google doc)
  • Receive unedited zoom video recording

*Basic Package:

Choose 1 asset from this list:

**Pro & Impact Packages:

Choose from these assets:


We'll bring out the best story behind why you have success with your clients (and equip you with assets that help you sell more)

Starting from $1,110 USD per case study.


There are 3 steps our team needs to go through in order to produce a high-quality case study for your business:

  1. Booking: Contact your client and book a video interview
  2. Research: Record the client interview and get your input on how you helped solve the client’s challenge.
  3. Write

Steps 1 and 2 will depend on when the client is available, and how quickly receive your input. This can be anything from a week to several weeks.

Once we complete steps 1 & 2, step 3 is the case study writing phase.

It typically takes our team 14 business days to write and draft a written case study that is ready for your review and feedback.

We’ll deliver a compelling story via Google Doc direct to your inbox so you can edit and add comments directly.
Provided there are no delays in responses from you regarding feedback and updates required, the final draft is usually complete a few days later.

Note: For client/expert case studies that require us emailing your clients/guests to get their stories then we aim for 14 business days. This will depend on how long it takes for us to get a response from your guest.

There are no contracts to sign, setup fees, or cancellation fees. Our customers continually come back to us for more because we provide a high-quality case study writing service that:
  • Saves them a lot of time and stress trying to produce themselves, and creates space for them to focus on their core activities (sales, customer delivery, managing their teams, etc.)
  • Is designed to build trust, attract more of your target audience, help convert visitors to leads, and sell your product or service.
Want our team to interview influencers/experts for a case study article on your behalf? Yes, we're happy to do this. We don't do cold outreach since the best outcomes will come from warm introductions to individuals you've previously connected with.

Our case study packages are designed to allow you to control your costs by offering you different pricing options based on your goals and unique case study marketing strategy. Book a call with our team to discuss which package is best suited for your company and marketing objectives.

We do not offer such a guarantee, but we do offer two revisions for each case study we produce for you.

Yes, contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

Our case studies are completely written by human case study writers.

The case study writing process is made up of the following process:

  1. Craft the plan: Get clear on target buyer, pain points, best client to highlight, preferred formats
  2. Ask: Invite your client to participate using our invitation script
  3. Seek the story: We'll record a 30-min interview with your client, and also ask you to share your side of the story
  4. Exhibit: We'll present the raw interview recording and a written case study draft in Google docs for your review and signoff. We also get the ok from your client to publish. 
  5. Share: Share your compelling case study several different ways to maximise your investment. We can recommend up to 15 different ways to leverage your case study. 

Looking to increase sales?

A well-crafted case study can help you do just that. Our team of experienced writers will craft a compelling case study that showcases your product or service in the best light possible, helping you close more deals and increase revenue.

Furthermore, depending on who you're attempting to reach, where you're attempting to reach them, and when during the purchase cycle you're engaging with them, we'll create your case study in a number of formats.

Our case study articles typically have a word count of around 1,000 words.

We don't just write case studies - we also help you strategically produce assets that convert prospects to customers.

Here are ten places you can use case studies to grow your business:

  1. Sales proposal / sales meetings
  2. Sales presentation / slide deck
  3. Investor pitch deck
  4. Lead nurturing campaign
  5. Social media
  6. Your website or blog
  7. Customer or client emails / Newsletters
  8. Audiogram / podcasts / youtube
  9. Conferences, trade shows, and speaking engagements
  10. White papers, brochures, or e-books

The best case study writing is focused on your client's business case and their challenges. A well-written case study:

  • Uses quotes from the client throughout to help tell their story.
  • Tells a compelling story about how you helped solve problems for your clients.
  • Is written in a human voice with natural language variations, rather than sounding like a press release or sales pitch.
  • Is produced with the intent to help your sales team close more deals for your business.

For more ideas, refer to this article.

Case studies are extremely useful for all business types.

Business case studies are written to illustrate how a company's product or service has solved a specific problem, challenge, or need to be faced by one of their customers.

It tells the story of who you serve and how you solve problems and challenges they face through your (expert) knowledge and/or services.

This case study becomes proof that people trust and value what you have to offer as an expert/consultant/advisor in your field, which helps you present yourself as being more credible, reliable, and trustworthy.

As well as establish yourself as an authority figure within your industry by sharing success stories from those that already use your products or services.

Finally, compelling case studies are assets that help sales teams close more deals.

  1. Work with our team of professional writers, video editors, and graphic designers (based on the package you choose)
  2. High quality and high-converting business case studies at affordable prices
  3. Save time and hassle training your own in-house writer on how how to write a good case study
  4. Case study help from an experienced content strategist
  5. Get all the instructions needed to get buy-in from your client and tips for making the most of your assets once created.

Starting from $1,110 USD per case study.