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Success Practise: Tony Robbins Gratitude Process

Here’s a powerful gratitude process from Tony Robbins.

I’m all for adopting success practises and habits of successful people. It’s why I’ve developed a morning ritual that involves daily meditation as soon as I wake up, followed by drinking water and a journal process. I’ll post a blog post on morning rituals soon.

Give yourself 5 minutes now to experience the feeling of gratitude and take a note of how you feel before and after the process.

2 Responses

  1. WOW!!!

    5 beautiful minutes

    thank you for sharing

    I begin each day with prayer and meditation with a little big of yoga thrown in

    I had been doing the first 15 mins of Tony’s Hour of Power
    and no realise that I have been missing it and will be begin doing it again tomorrow, putting on my playlist for tunes in the morning which is another integral part of starting my day with awesome

    1. Glad you loved it Mick!

      Great morning routine too. I was admiring your bikram challenge from afar back when you and Kim were posting about it.

      Yes, start the day with awesome and you’ll create awesome. A winning formula from the masters! Go Mick!

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