Key Person of Influence: One book that can change your life (as it has mine)

Happy New Year!

I’ve got a cool gift for you, but first I’d like to share a true story with you. (It’ll take no more than 5 mins, promise!)

A few years ago, I was approached by a friend I had worked with during my corporate days. He’d done a fantastic job building technical skills as a project manager working for Fortune 500 companies.

He became a subject matter expert at what he did, and he’d built up a fantastic reputation as someone who did good work. He’d even begun building his profile outside of the office.

But he was facing one big problem with his career.

He was getting passed over for leadership opportunities at his company.

In other words, he had the reputation as a technical specialist who could lead technical projects but not as someone that senior management would refer lucrative opportunities to.

As a result, he got passed up for higher-paying and higher-impact roles, often for individuals who were not any better technically.

This was even more of an issue as this competent individual had a growing family that he needed to take care of.

He felt like crap. Like he was not being seen. Even though he’d dedicated years to put the work in so that he could create the life that he, his wife, and their beautiful children wanted.

So why am I telling you this?

While specifics may differ, this story of not being seen and appreciated within one’s role or industry is not uncommon. Maybe you can relate?

I’ve also had a similar experience in my career and business journey.

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One fateful day another friend introduced me to a book called Key Person of Influence.

I learned from the book that there are a specific group of people who are considered the “inner circle” in every industry. They are a trusted group of individuals seen as leaders at what they do – the action takers, aka. The “movers and shakers.”

These people get work, media, and business opportunities referred to them regularly. They get invitations to speak at events and partner with exceptional individuals and companies.

They are valued, respected, and paid well for their expertise, experience, and the incredible network they’ve built.

Then there’s the rest of us, left looking from the outside, wondering what they’re doing that we’re not.

I immediately had questions (as I’m sure you might have right now).

The book laid out the methodology for doing just that. It’s called the “5 P’s”.

So, when I learned this concept and read the book, it changed how I did things.

I deliberately made a conscious choice to focus on implementing the steps outlined in the book to become a key person of influence.

In 2015, when I was marketing manager for Australia’s largest coworking community, I enrolled in and completed the 12-month KPI Accelerator program.

Since learning and applying the KPI “5P’s”:

  • I helped the CEO of that coworking company to build his and his company’s profile nationally and internationally.
  • I’ve grown a social media following of over 10,000 followers and expanded my network with inspiring and respected individuals. Many have become clients, advisors, mentors, business partners, collaborators, and valued friends.
  • I’ve had new clients and business partners referred to me and attracted to me because they’d seen me up on a stage presenting, or on national television, or through my appearances on podcasts (I appeared on 12 last year), and through the content that I’ve put out in strategic places across the internet.
  • I’ve even used parts of the KPI methodology to help one client build their personal brand and position their small but growing 15-person company as a leader in their industry. In 2019 the company was recognized as the #1 firm in Australia in their industry (woohoo!).

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Now 2020 was a challenging year for many of us in different ways, and if there’s one thing that COVID has shown… It’s that there are only so many things that we can control.

Two of those things are 1) how you spend your precious time and energy and 2) who you choose to spend that time with.

Becoming a key person of influence is certainly within your control once you understand the steps it takes and commits to taking the daily actions to make it happen.

As 2021 begins, if you haven’t already started to think about the year ahead, now is the time to start planning.

How will you evolve and innovate your career/business as we put one of the most economically tumultuous years in global history behind us?

This gift might hold the answer for you.

I’ve arranged a free copy of a book for you that I read a few years ago.

As mentioned, the book is called “Become a Key Person of Influence” and covers many topics, including:

  • How the world has changed (and why it’s not going back!).
  • What it takes to stand out and scale up in 2021 and beyond.
  • Techniques to ensure new opportunities are handed to you, rather than asking for them.

Get a copy of Key Person of Influence for free (it’s on me!)

I wanted to give you something that really could have a significant impact on your life this year… so it’s my gift to you, completely free, delivered to your door.

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(If you are currently outside of Australia or can’t wait for the postman, you can instantly grab a free PDF copy!)

It’s a solid read for every entrepreneur and ambitious leader’s bookshelf.

It’s my gift to you. Let’s get it done this 2021.

Click here to get the book for FREE >>>

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