Two cool new Jasper AI features – Jasper Brand Voice & Memory

Jasper Brand Voice and Jasper Memory are two near features of the popular AI copywriting software. Let’s take a look at how these cool additions can help you produce better content quicker.

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I recently revisited Jasper, a tool I’ve used for some time. After discovering the new Creator plan at $49 per month, I decided to downgrade from my original Boss Mode plan of $99 per month. It’s always good to keep an eye on new plans and see if you can save money based on your usage.

While exploring the Jasper official community, I found two useful features I wasn’t aware of:

  1. Extracting quotes from PDF books using Jasper Memory, and
  2. Defining brand voice through uploaded content with the Jasper Brand Voice feature.

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Jasper Memory

According to Jasper’s documentation:

Jasper Memory is an innovative feature of Jasper AI that allows users to save and reuse content tailored to their brand voice. Jasper Memory helps maintain your Brand Voice by storing information related to product, companies, and people. This ensures that you maintain consistency with your brand messaging across all channels, making it easy for you to evoke the right emotions in your target audience and drive them to take action.

In summary, Jasper Memory helps generate content by chunking uploaded data into relevant collections of information, i.e. “brand voice”.

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The Creator plan allows 50 memories per month, while the Team’s plan offers 150 memories.

Creating a memory involves:

  1. Navigate to Jasper Brand Voice on the left side of your dashboard
  2. Click on the “Memories” button
  3. Click + Add Memories
  4. Name your memory, add custom tags for organization, and upload your information in the form of text or uploading a file.
  5. Add the memory to your library.

Interesting use case: Using Jasper Memory to extract quotes from a book

You can use the Memory feature inside Jasper to extract meaningful quotes from a book in PDF format.

  1. Upload sections of the book as separate files (PDF or docx).
  2. Go to Jasper Chat and ask it to pull out impactful quotes from your uploads.

Asking Jasper AI to define your brand voice using podcast transcripts

Why not use transcripts of your actual voice combined with AI to help define your brand voice?

Another interesting feature is defining brand voice through transcripts such as podcasts where you’ve been a guest or host.

Here’s how:

  1. Upload your transcripts via PDF documents or unrestricted Google Docs using the same Memory function mentioned earlier.
  2. Add your Memory into Jasper Chat and ask for a clear explanation of your voice and tone. Jasper will then define your brand voice based on those transcripts. Cool, right?

Final Thoughts on Jasper Brand Voice & Memory

In summary, these two functions – extracting impactful quotes from books and defining brand voice through existing content – are valuable features I’m looking forward to testing with Jasper further.

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If you’ve discovered additional helpful tools within this platform, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

New to Jasper? Click here to grab a free 10-000 word trial of the software.

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