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15 Ways to Promote Your Guest Podcast Appearance

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The host has just notified you that your guest podcast appearance is live. Now what? Here are 15 ways to spread the word about your awesome achievement (and leverage all the effort you just put in to make it happen).

So, you’ve been on a podcast. You’ve shared your insights, your stories, and your expertise. But what next?

How do you ensure that your voice doesn’t just become a fleeting echo in the vast digital universe? You’re about to find out.

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Why bother promoting your guest podcast appearances?

A single podcast appearance can be a powerful asset, but its true potential is often underutilised. Here are three compelling reasons to promote your guest podcast appearance more than just once:

  1. Reinforcement of Expertise: Whenever you share your podcast episode, you reinforce your position as an industry expert. Multiple promotions ensure that your insights and expertise reach new audiences, solidifying your reputation in the field.
  2. Diverse Audience Reach: Not every member of your target audience will see your content the first time around. Promoting your appearance multiple times increases the likelihood of reaching different segments of your audience, maximizing engagement and impact.
  3. Optimized Content Lifespan: Digital content has a lifespan, and consistent promotion can extend it. By sharing your podcast appearance at different times and across various platforms, you ensure that your content remains fresh, relevant, and top-of-mind for your audience.

Now let’s dive deep into 15 ways to make your guest podcast appearance resonate far and wide.

1. Deck Out Your Website

Your website is your digital stage. Spotlight your podcast episode through a pop-up, side banner, or dedicated media page.

Pro tip: Create a simple blog post like this.

Then link to it from your media page.

(Shoutout to Andrew Griffiths, who originally gave me this idea when he showed me how he did a similar thing with guest articles he got published on other sites. Here’s an example on Andrew’s site.)

For additional examples of how you might lay out your podcast appearances, check out Jon Loomer’s page and Marie Forleo’s media page.

2. Notify Your Email List

Share the podcast link with your email list. Craft a compelling subject line and a concise description of your episode to pique interest and drive engagement.

If you send out a regular newsletter, be sure to include it in there too.

Here’s an example from the Bean Ninjas weekly newsletter. When we helped their COO Wayne land a guest podcast appearance and the episode went live, their team made sure it was mentioned in the next email newsletter that went out.

podcast guest appearance bean ninjas newsletter screenshot

3. Blast on Social Media

Unleash the power of social media. Regularly post your podcast link across your platforms, ensuring each post has a clear call to action.

Pro tip – use a scheduling tool that allows you to recycle the same post monthly (for a minimum of 12 months). You don’t just want to share it once, right? The more shares, the more chances folks will see it. I use Missinglettr to do this.

4. Broadcast with Press Releases

Shout it from the digital rooftops. Draft a press release and send it soaring on platforms like PRWeb and NewswireJet.

Related: How to Get Press and Media Coverage for Your Small Business (for free)

5. Host a Live Q&A

Turn engagement up to eleven. Use platforms like Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook Live to chat about your podcast appearance and connect with your audience.

Share some additional context that wasn’t shared in your guest interview, or talk about an adjacent topic.

live stream podcast party

6. Repurpose Your Content

Serve up a content smorgasbord. Remix your guest podcasting insights into blogs, infographics, or videos to cater to every content palate.

7. Boost your Social Promotion with Paid Ads

Put your money where your mic is. Invest in targeted ads on platforms frequented by your audience to boost your spotlight.

8. Mention it in Groups and Forums where members share podcasts

Jump into forums or groups dedicated to podcast enthusiasts, or one where the group owner is ok with members sharing their guest podcast appearances).

Sharing, discussing, and gathering feedback can be your springboard to wider recognition.

Run your own online group or community? Be sure to let your members know of your podcast guesting win too.

9. Team Up with Bloggers

Bloggers have audiences waiting for the next big thing. Offer them a slice of your podcast pie in exchange for a feature or mention.

Want to go the extra mile? Offer to repurpose your guest podcast episode into a guest blog post for their website.

10. Jam with the Podcast Host

Two voices are louder than one. Follow up and collaborate with the host, ensuring they promote your episode and offer listeners a link back to your website.

podcast interview woman

11. Spice Up Your Events

Events are your stage. Weave in podcast insights and promote the episode, turning attendees into avid listeners.

Hosting a virtual event like a webinar? Why not mention your guest podcast interview in the pre-event email sequence designed to add value and encourage people who registered to show up to the event?

12. Share it with new connections

Make memorable first impressions. Share your podcast link with new Linkedin connections, prospects, and new customer onboarding. Let them hear your authenticity and expertise firsthand.

13. Stamp Your Emails

Turn every email into a billboard. Add a subtle link to your podcast in your email signature, making every send a promotional opportunity.

14. Craft Shareable Sound Bites

Bite-sized can be big. Create and share short, impactful snippets from your episode, perfect for quick shares and retweets.

Pro tip: You can use a tool like Headliner to create video snippets for social media.

15. Transform into a Lead Magnet

Your guest podcast appearance is gold. Why not mine it? Incorporate your episode into a lead magnet or enhance an existing one.

Whether it’s a comprehensive guide, a downloadable checklist, or an exclusive webinar, adding your podcast insights can boost its value. It’s not just about sharing knowledge; it’s about offering a compelling reason for listeners to engage further with your brand.

If you have a series of guest podcast appearances with each episode speaking on related (but different enough) topics, why not package them all together as a lead magnet?

You could even throw in some additional resources and sell it as a digital product.

Final thoughts on leveraging your guest podcast appearance for growing your business and authority

While a single promotion might generate initial interest, consistent and strategic promotion amplifies your voice, solidifies your authority, and maximizes your reach.

Now you have fifteen different ways to promote your guest podcast appearance. Which will you do first?

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