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Clarifying the Fractional CMO Scope: What to Expect

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Unsure about what scope to expect from a fractional CMO? This blog post breaks down the fractional CMO scope and things to look out for.

Stepping into the marketing maze can feel daunting. If you’re eyeing a fractional CMO (fCMO), you might ask, “What am I really signing up for? Any hidden costs or surprises?

To ease these concerns and set the record straight, I break down my client’s fCMO proposals into three digestible chunks. Let’s dive in:

1. Plan of Action – the “game plan”

photo of man pointing at a map

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Your venture is one-of-a-kind, and it calls for a bespoke strategy. In the Game Plan, I unfurl the month-by-month activities I’ll be steering.

It’s more than a task list; it’s your strategic roadmap. It sketches how I’ll leverage my strengths in marketing strategy, positioning, brand messaging, content marketing, and project management to navigate your brand to its goals.

By the end of this section, you’ll grasp my month-over-month involvement, ensuring we’re on the same page from the get-go.

Note: Some fCMOs only whip up strategies, while others, like Authentic Marketer, bring strategy and execution to the table in their monthly retainer. You’ll need to gauge what your business needs (and is equipped for) – a thinker, a doer, or a combo of both.

2. Understanding Additional Costs

No one likes financial surprises, right?

Our Fractional CMO packages currently start at $4K per month, and that’s for someone to drive your marketing, work with your team, help hire, and ensure your business is focused on doing the things needed to grow (avoid distractions).

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Having said that, you’ll also need to factor in the costs of bringing on additional expertise and support for executing the strategy. While I cover a broad spectrum, there’s only so much a fractional CMO can execute in a few hours per week.

You’re hiring them for their strategic thinking and leadership skills (so that you can free up that brain space to focus on your strengths and the things only you can do in your business).

This is why we require that you have at least one part-time (though full-time is ideal) marketing assistant/associate in your business to help execute the plan. (They’ll cost far less than paying your CMO to do the grunt work.)

Additional specialized tasks like web development, UX optimization, graphic design, video production and editing, advanced analytics or SEO might require extra hands.

In the “Additional Costs” section, I ballpark the costs for any extra hands or resources needed to roll out our strategy. This way, you know about additional costs, helping you budget for the whole ride.

3. Terms & Conditions

This section might sound formal, but it’s essential. With much experience as a fractional CMO, I’m all in for setting the right expectations upfront.

Here’s the deal: As a Fractional CMO, I can’t guarantee specific results.

Marketing is a wild ride with many unpredictable turns, be it market shifts, competitors’ moves, or global happenings. Despite these unknowns, I will give it my all and steer strategically. But, jumping in with eyes wide open about these external factors is essential.

Fractional CMO Scope In a Nutshell

Bringing a fractional CMO on board is a smart play to elevate your business. With this clear-cut proposal, I aim to kickstart our teamwork on a clear, open, and promising note.

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With a solid game plan, awareness of extra costs, and clear terms set, we’re laying the groundwork for a fruitful partnership and your brand’s triumph.

Whether you decide to move forward with me or chat with someone else, clarity on what you’re getting for your investment and understanding the risks is crucial. How a fractional CMO lays this out or not speaks volumes about their stance on transparency throughout your relationship.

So, when you’re in that discussion, make sure you leave with no grey areas. It’s all about kicking off on a clear, shared note!

Want to learn more about our fractional CMO services? Click here.

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