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Believe in Your Course: How to Increase Course Sales Despite Self-Doubt

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In this post, I’ll share practical tips based on a real-life example to help you increase course sales and boost your confidence as a course creator.

“Will my course sell?”

It’s the nagging question at the back of every course creator’s mind.

Recently, a community member, the creator of a course on monetizing your freelance writing, shared their concerns about low enrollment numbers. Even though they had validation and healthy sales with previous cohorts, this time around, they weren’t seeing the same level of sales.

This is a common struggle many course creators face, but fortunately, there are proven strategies that can help.

The Challenge

Our community member recently launched their third course cohort. Despite a strong offering, they weren’t seeing the enrollment numbers they hoped for. They shared, “I’m a bit nervous cause I have not been getting many students, and I’m having some self-doubt.”

After a review of their landing page, it seemed potential students might be hesitating due to the $300 USD price point and uncertainty around whether or not the course would deliver results for them. In other words, the course lacked credibility and clear results.

Increase Course Sales: Amplify Credibility and Showcase Results

Share Your Story

As course creators, we often forget to leverage our own success stories. Have you achieved the results your course promises? Then share your journey! In our community member’s case, this could mean detailing how they’ve consistently earned money from freelance writing.

This adds authenticity and gives potential students a relatable success story to inspire them.

Your story is the biggest testimony to your course’s potential. If you’ve made it, so can your students.

Highlight Successful Students:

Testimonials are powerful, but they need to speak to specific results.

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Even though the landing page for this course had multiple testimonials from students of prior cohorts, none of them spoke of tangible results.

Here’s an example testimonial on the landing page:

“If you’re a freelance writer, you MUST take this course. You will learn so much from [instructor], who willingly gives up so many of their secrets! This course has definitely impacted my career for the better and given me the skills I need to keep growing.”

– past student

Whilst this is an OK testimonial, can you see how it’s missing actual results?

So there was a clear disconnect between the promise of “monetizing your freelance writing” and the testimonials presented.

Now look at these examples of powerful testimonials I found online for other courses.

Earn More Writing course testimonial
Awesome course testimonial example #1 – Earn More Writing
10X Sales Pages testimonial
Awesome course testimonial example #2 – 10X Sales Pages

If any of your past students have seen success after taking your course, get their stories on your landing page. Their achievements – like landing gigs or earning significant income – are proof that your course works.

There’s no better sales pitch than a successful student. Their success validates your course.

Credibility-building testimonials aren’t always about sharing numbers

What if your course doesn’t promise anything about making money? Do you still need to show testimonials with clear metrics?

To be clear, the main insight I want you to walk away with is this:

Don’t just state a PROMISE (the thing your students will get from your course).

SHOW that your course delivers on that promise (and students are indeed getting what you promised them).

Here’s an example of how Amanda Natividad has masterfully used testimonials to demonstrate that her course (which sells for $1,000 USD) delivers on its promise. Firstly, here’s the promise at the top of the course landing page:

content marketing 201 course promise

Now check out these testimonials at the bottom of the landing page:

content marketing 201 course testimonial1

Effective Course Marketing Strategies

In addition to social proof, the success of your course heavily depends on the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Not only do they help reach your target audience, but they also communicate your course’s value and potential impact.

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Hence, investing in and refining your marketing approach is key to boosting enrollments and achieving your revenue goals. Here are some ideas for improving your course marketing.

Leverage Your Audience

How are you marketing your course? For our community member, Twitter seemed to be a channel they were already using. But are there other avenues they could explore? An email list, perhaps? Your audience is your biggest asset, and engaging them on multiple platforms is important.

Engage in Content Marketing for your Upcoming Course

Start a blog or a vlog. Share helpful tips, industry insights, and student success stories. The more value you provide, the more you’ll be seen as an expert in your field, and the more likely people are to trust your course.

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Nurture Your Newsletter Subscribers

Our community member mentioned that they had not been consistently nurturing their newsletter followers, something their business coach pointed out. Consistency is key in nurturing relationships with your followers, so ensure you keep them engaged with regular, valuable content.

Offer a Sneak Peek or Trial

Allow potential students to experience your course before they commit. This could be a free module, a trial period, or a behind-the-scenes video tour of your course. This helps to alleviate doubts and gives them a taste of what they can expect.

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Final Thoughts to Improve Your Self-Confidence and Increase Course Sales

Selling a course requires more than just excellent content; it needs a clear demonstration of value, a testament to results, and an effective marketing strategy. It’s about convincing your potential students that your course can deliver the results they desire.

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Make these tweaks to your course marketing:

  1. Credibility and clear results are crucial. Share your success story and highlight your successful students.
  2. Leverage your audience across multiple platforms. Engage in content marketing and consistently nurture your newsletter subscribers.
  3. Offer a sneak peek or trial of your course to alleviate doubts and give potential students a taste of what they can expect.

Remember, every course creator faces challenges in their journey. But with the right strategies, you can overcome these obstacles and achieve your desired sales.

In the words of our community member, “I’m learning a lot about marketing, so hopefully, for my next cohort, I will get more subscribers.”

It’s a learning process. Each cohort, each marketing strategy you try, and each tweak you make to your course, all contribute to your growth as a course creator. And remember, you’re not alone in this journey. We are here to learn, share, and grow as a community.

In the end, it’s all about providing value and building trust. Now go out there and sell your course with confidence!

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