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7 Australian Podcasting Statistics That Might Surprise You

Move over blogging, podcasting is the new and cooler kid on the block.


Finding data on the US, let alone Australian, trends and statistics when it comes to this medium was quite challenging. So here are 7 podcasting statistics that explain the rise and opportunity available to small business owners with podcasting.

#1 Podcast Listening Grew 23% Between 2015 and 2016

Due to the rise of smartphones since 2009 as well as the market for podcast apps in maturation with apps such as iTunes, Stitcher and Podbean easily accessible to listeners.

US-based digital marketing experts and industry analysts Convince and Convert (C&C) shared in their 5 Key 2016 Podcast Statistics blog post:

The rise in podcast consumption over the past two years correlates with an even larger shift in HOW podcasts are consumed. Circa 2014, most podcasts were being listened to on a computer, which restricts consumption windows.

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#2: 64% of podcasts are being listened to on a smartphone or tablet

In the same report C&C shared that in 2016, 64% of podcasts are being listened to on a smartphone or tablet.

Listeners gravitating toward podcasts on the go opens up many more opportunities for consumption, including in the car, at the gym, and other computer-free environments.

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#3: Mainstream media has jumped onto podcasts

Just as it did with blogs over the past decade, mainstream media have started the leap into podcasts. Though actual content is still limited in terms of variety and topics, this is a positive sign for podcasting as a medium of communication and advertising.

Check these out:

  • ABC  — Australia’s premier channel for delivering Australian stories and conversations across the nation and to the region –  offers a selection of great podcast shows. There were 6.2 million podcast downloads for the month of April 2014, across all the ABC’s networks. Radio National programs were the most listened to (2.6 million), followed by Local Radio programs (1.3 million). (source:
  • SBS – The Special Broadcasting Service “tells the stories of humankind in more languages than any other broadcaster in the world; at last count, 74 languages on radio, more than 60 on television and more than 50 online.”
  • Channel 9
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[bctt tweet=”There were 6.2 million podcast downloads in April 2014, across all @abcaustralia networks. #podcasting #australia” username=”anferneec”]

Update 30 Sept 2017: On Friday, September 8, 2017 ABC Announces One Million Dollar Podcasting Fund

#4: Non-radio Australian podcast delivers approx. 100,000 downloads per episode

For Australian business owners reading this, you’ll be delighted to hear that Yellow Brick Road CEO Mark Bouris launched a business podcast that, as of Sept 2015, was delivering about 100,000 downloads per episode, and has already delivered a total of half a million downloads. (source: Mumbrella)

Other high ranking Australian podcasts on itunes worth checking out are:

All of these shows are great examples of how podcasting can be a great marketing channel for growing a personal brand, influence and business online.

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#5: Podcast production has become cheaper and easier

With cost of production tools decreasing in recent years, the production of many podcasts is now equal in quality to radio.

A good quality podcast episode can be recorded using a $150 microphone, within the budget of many business owners.

If you’re curious as to which podcasting equipment to start with check out this list shared by Colin Gray The Podcast Host.

(For the record we’re using a Blue Yeti microphone, and sometimes skype with Ecamm call recorder, for Transitions Podcast episodes.)

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#6: The Australian market is ripe for savvy marketers

Alana Mahony, Digital Content Manager from audioBoom Australia comments on the opportunity in the Australian market:  

“Only 3% of marketers are using podcasts so there’s a wide open field for it. The public are all switched on all of a sudden – people who never listened before are involved now and they’re looking for more.”

It’s also worth noting that audioBoom (a spoken word audio-on-demand and podcast platform) has seen a 10% rise in growth year-on-year from within Australia.



#7: Great podcasts can lead to great business outcomes

I asked my Australian podcast community, and fellow members of the 7 Day Startup Pro mastermind group,  to share some of the stats for their podcast as well as business benefits they’ve seen as a result of podcasting.

Here’s what a few of them had to say…

Darren Rowse of Problogger:


Kelly Exeter, of Straight and Curly podcast and Let It Be:


Ronsley Vaz, creator of The Bond Appetit Podcast: Uniting entrepreneurs through food and the We Are Podcast community, shared:


As Ronsley rightly pointed out, it’s not always about the numbers either. Podcasting can help business owners find and connect deeply with their tribe (and other podcasters), develop self confidence, land speaking gigs, and sell products and services.

[bctt tweet=”Podcasting can help business owners find and connect deeply with their tribe. ” username=”anferneec”]

Karly Nimmo, of Karlosophies – Stories Behind Success, shared:

My podcast has never been a tool in my business. It’s been something I do because I love it. A way for me to document my journey and the journey of my friends. I’ve been absolutely pathetic at marketing it: because my focus has been on promoting myself and Radcasters…

But I will say this… My engagement versus downloads is pretty f****** amazing. I literally had about 30 people pull me aside at Problogger (event) to tell me specific stories of how listening to my show has made them take action, or affected them in some out of this world, mind blowing way. And that has always been my focus. Those people are loyal as f*** to me. I’ve been about making people feel okay about where they are and know that they aren’t alone.

And I’ve been the thing you are not supposed to be as a podcaster… Inconsistent!


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Kate Toon, creator of Hot Copy Podcast and The Recipe for SEO Success Show, shared the following benefits to her business since launching her podcasts:

Since creating my podcast I’ve seen a definite shift in my business. It’s helped me built more of a following, more authority and, personally more confidence.
In terms of specifics, my copywriting podcast generated around $10-20k in course and resource sales last year, and through being on other people’s podcasts I’ve landed speaking gigs. Podcasting helped my business so much, I’ve actually just launched a second one.

Christina Canters, creator of Stand Out Get Noticed and Presentation Skills for Design Students shared:

christina_canters_podcast1 christina_canters_podcast2

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